Laptop Repair Services

Mobile Computer Repair

Mobile Computer Repair’ provides service, diagnostics, modernization and repair of laptops. Our company is characterized by high quality of rendered services and acceptable terms of performance of works on repair of laptops and any other computer equipment. Our repair and maintenance center repairs laptops of such manufacturers as Dell, Acer, Samsung, LG, Prestigio, MSI, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony, HP, Lenovo, RoverBook, Gateway, ASUS, iRU, etc.

Mobile Computer Repair

Repair and replacement of the laptop motherboard

The motherboard determines its appearance and ensures the interaction of all devices connected to it. We offer services for replacing and repairing the malfunction of the laptop motherboard at the best price.

What we repair

  • Diagnostics and repair of motherboards on a component level (with the replacement of microcircuits and other elements).
  • Replacement of the northbridge.
  • Replacement of the south bridge.
  • Replacing the video chip.
  • Replacing the video card.
  • Replacing the power connectors.
  • Replacing the power connectors, USB, COM, LAN.
  • Repair of the motherboard after flooding.
  • BIOS recovery (BIOS) on the programmer.
  • Replacement of the motherboard.

Cleaning the laptop (cooling system) from dust

Overheating of the laptop is one of the most frequent reasons for contacting a service center. We offer a service – cleaning the laptop from dust. It is quite easy to clean the cooling system from the clogged duct. However, sometimes a complete replacement of the cooler is required.

Mobile Computer Repair
Mobile Computer Repair

Replacing the hard drive (HDD, hard drive) on the laptop

We offer a service for replacing a hard disk (hard drive) on a laptop. Our specialists can easily repair or replace HDD drives of your laptop, as well as to increase the speed and boot of the system and programs, you can make HDD replacement for SSD disks.

Repair and replacement of laptop connectors

Physical damage to the connectors of the laptop is quite a frequent malfunction due to a sloppy operation of the laptop. Service Center Dick offers replacement services for laptops. In case the damaged port (connector) can be repaired, a highly qualified repair of the broken connector of the laptop will be performed. All the provided services will be performed in a high-quality and in the shortest possible time.

Mobile Computer Repair
Mobile Computer Repair

Replacing the backlight

To ensure that the image on the laptop screen is bright, the substrate of the screen is highlighted with the help of gas-discharge lamps (CCFL) or by means of an LED ruler (LED). Do not be confused with OLED, OEL or AMOLED technologies, where light-emitting diodes form a “picture”, this is a slightly different class of displays.

Our services:

–    Repair, replacement of the inverter.

–    Replacing the backlight.

–    Replacing the matrix on the screen.

Replacement and repair of the laptop keyboard

If you need a keyboard repair on a laptop, then our specialists will help you with this. Most modern laptops use a membrane keypad consisting 3 layers. On the two of them, the lower and the upper, conductive paths are marked. The middle layer is insulating, at the locations of the keys, it has cutouts that allow the tracks of the upper and lower layers to touch when pressed. On the upper film are fixed rubber caps and mechanisms of micro lifts, on which the keys are fastened. When pressed, the key presses on the rubber cap, the cap on the membrane, contact occurs.

In our service, you will be offered both repairs of the buttons of the laptop, and replacement of the whole keyboard (depending on the type of failure) at the minimum cost. So, to get the best laptop repairing service, you can contact us.