As a full-service IT consulting firm, Mobile Computer Repair offers the following services:

Home Services

Looking to add a device to your home network in a secure fashion, or possibly set up or fix your modem or router setup? Home services that include information and computer components on your personal network are among our many offered services. If you’ve been frustrated while trying to get your home network set up, you’ve been suffering too long. Allow us to handle it.

Computer Repair Services

Home PC systems that affect your personal network, especially if you work from home, can be detrimental when damaged. Your entertainment, work, and entire lifestyle is put on hold, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have an onsite technician arrive at a time that’s comfortable for you, and repair your system, making the problem vanish before your eyes. It’s like it never even happened.

Windows or Mac, new or old systems—they’re all our specialty. With over fourteen years in business, we’ve seen it all. Borrow our experience to solve every issue you could possibly have with your home PC, and get your life back on track, same-day.

Laptop Repair

Whether it’s personal, or it’s for your on-the-go business, your laptop is an extension of who you are and how you express yourself and your work. Laptops are far easier to damage than home PCs, so whether it’s external or internal, there’s a solution. Sometimes we don’t even realize what’s wrong—there’s not a direct cause that we witnessed. Overheating, viruses and malware among other things, can all play into why our laptops have stopped working. They can be far more complex to deal with than a home PC system, which is why you can’t afford to use second rate services that promise results, but don’t deliver. Our experts solve and repair the problem and tell you how to prevent it in the future.

Business Services

IT is a part of any business; everything’s online nowadays, and you need proper servers and hardware that’s going to operate the way you need (and within the budget you’ve set). If you need computer repair services in Thousand Oaks business locations, or your needs are far greater and more in-depth, you can trust the professionals behind Mobile Computer Repair to handle your needs. Implementation, technology assessments, strategies and planning—it’s all here.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses have become less of a problem than they were ten years ago, but the ones that do persist are far more malicious than the problems we endured in the past. Viruses and spyware are sophisticated and aim to harm your computer or steal information. To ensure, once and for all, that those pesky bugs are out of your system, you need the experts.

Hard Drive Recovery

If you’re been looking for local computer repair services in Thousand Oaks, then you’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is to find a reputable company. It’s what brought you to us. If your computer has suffered physical damage, has been corrupted by a virus, or suffered mechanical damage (among other things), our experts can recover your lost or missing files.

Strategies and Planning


Getting reliable results from a telecommunications system requires in-depth planning, installation, and management. Our team of IT experts understands every aspect of telecommunications services — from planning to project management, installation, testing, training and implementation. They are always ready to give you the high-quality services.


Technology Assessments


The quality, performance and security of your network can be vastly improved with our technology audits. Working together with your in-house teams, we analyze your IT infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. Then we set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements.



Computer technician working on a server

Installing and testing your new platforms can cause nightmares for even the most seasoned IT professional. Mobile Computer Repair thoroughly tests and re-tests all devices and software prior to your switch-over date. You can rest assured that from the moment you connect your new system, all data and communications will function as you need it to.



IT Budget Planning

headshot of smiling businessman

The highly trained and experienced project managers at Mobile Computer Repair can help you acquire the technology you require to reach your business objectives within a budget that works for you.