Gabrielle A.


Honesty and competence – these are the two things I feel are most important, and Darren and Tony both had them. My computer issue was not simple, being a hardware issue–a non-functioning laptop screen. Unfortunately, the screen was not the only issue, and it was broken due to a motherboard problem. Darren and Tony kept my computer until they figured out what was wrong. Even though my repair went beyond what was originally expected, what I paid never went beyond my quoted estimate. They were always professional and straight-forward. I highly recommend this business to anyone in need of simple or complicated computer repairs, including hardware. I have also found out that finding a person to repair hardware is not as easy as one would think…so these guys get a 100% in my book!

Gabrielle A.


Jason B.

Every time I have a computer issue Mobile Computer Repair comes to the rescue the same day . Sometimes I get the same tech and sometimes I get a new tech . Most of the Techs are nice and seem to know there stuff . I do pay by the hour so timing becomes a concern . If the issue is bad it can become quite expensive . I have tried some other places and it all costs about the same . Over all if a person has a computer issue and an emergency tech is needed this place is goo

Jason B.
CEO / Encino, CA


Oleg G.

Darren helped me out over the phone. He was helpful and patient. I broke the hdmi cable on my monitor and thought I had to replace the unit. He helped me find the right cable and reminded me that I can simply exchange one cable for another. Duh. Thank you fellas.

Oleg G.
Midtown, Houston, TX


ben m.

unfortunately I had a horrible experience. They showed up to fix a keyboard on my laptop – they took a photo of my laptop and got a $100 deposit and they promised to have it fixed in 4 days. they didn’t show up for a week and after multiple phone calls and different excuses they promised me that they will send me a refund check which never happened. I don’t even think they are computer professionals.

Encino, CA


company that’s reliable.

They were a No Show yesterday like a few other reviewers here after telling me they would be out between 10:00am and 12:00 noon. Not even a phone call to let me know. Unreliable!!! Look elsewhere if you want a company that’s reliable

Marvin B.
CEO / Los Angeles, CA