onsite computer repair

Why onsite computer repair is the best?

With the quick development in innovation, organizations have swung to putting resources into IT gear and administrations. Be that as it may, inconvenience sets in when the PCs fall flat and the fix professionals are expected to get fixed in a matter of moments. Most organizations that bring about re-appropriating IT administrations will frequently want to have these experts fix the broken PCs on destinations. Be that as it may, there are the individuals who will pick to have [...]

How to Connect PlayStation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop

There’s nothing which can give you more enjoyment on playing your Playstation 5 on a big screen. But sometimes you can’t always hog around the living room. You may want to play your Playstation 5 laying on the bed through your Windows PC. If you’re looking for ‘How to connect Playstation 5 to Windows 10 PC or Laptop’ just go through the article to know details about this. By doing so, you’ll be able to play your desired game [...]

How to repair logic board of a MacBook?

A Mac user knows how much important a logic board is! In an Apple computer, the logic board considers as the core of the computer. A logic board kind of similar to mother board that used in PCs and other system. On the other hand a logic board used in mac. It’s a circuit board that contains different system components as well as the ports which tend to connect with other part of the Apple computer. in this article [...]

iPhone new version

Apple has started its journey as a personal computer pioneer. The founders – Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne found apple in a garage in 1976. Today from a laptop to a portable media players everything seem to make by apple. In 2007, apple entered into the market with smartphone- IPhone. Later on in 2010, it introduced iPad to the tablet market, in 2014 introduced Apple watch in the smart watch market. Apple introduced iPhone new version – [...]

How to reinstall the operating system?

How to reinstall the operating system?

When you experience any issue with your computer, reinstalling the windows operating system should solve almost all the problems. One of the easiest way to fix any software problem is to reinstall the operating system. You should also reinstall the operating system before getting rid of the old one. From this article you’ll know ‘How to reinstall operating system’ depending on your operating system. There’re a number of ways of reinstalling the windows operating system. How to reinstall the operating [...]

Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System

How to Recover Data from a Non Booting Operating System?

Sometimes the operating system of your computer may fail to boot or load the system. Then you won’t be able access your important files, documents, audio, video, picture or any important data. This happens when your operating system becomes corrupted and the hard drive can’t boot itself. No need to panic even if it looks like a disaster.  Without an operating system you can’t reach to your system and load the hard drive. In this article we’ll show you [...]

fix a divide or divide by zero error

How to fix a divide or divide by zero error?

A divide or divide by zero error is a mathematical error which can also be represented as #DIV/0! Error. It’s an illegal operation that shows up when the computer or the software user is using performs a mathematical division by zero or a value that is equivalent to zero. The user may also see the error message because of the limitation of hardware or software in a computer. You may see such error while operating excel. To know how [...]

How to fix mouse double click

How to fix mouse double click setting of windows?

It’s really annoying when something wrong happen to your computer. Especially when you have to work on a deadline project or anything important. You may feel like screaming the time when your mouse do something wrong. Even though you pressed only once on the mouse button, your mouse keep double clicking on icons or others. There’re multiple reasons that cause such problem. So in this article, you’ll be known to the causes and the ways of “how to fix [...]

boot from a CD or DVD

How to boot from a CD or DVD in a computer?

If you face any problems like forgetting your windows password, you need to boot your computer from a CD/DVD or USB drive. Placing the CD or DVD into the drive and rebooting the computer is necessary. A computer automatically tracks the disc needs to be booted and conducts the necessary files while booting. If you face any interruption at the time of booting like screening error messages or others, you may take help from this article. This article will [...]

test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive for failures

How to test a computer CD-ROM and DVD drive for failures?

CD-ROM and DVD drives tend to get dirty and dusty inside. This causes problems with reading discs correctly. It may skip or jump around or even get stuck while playing a movie or song. Suppose, you’re trying to play your favorite game or read data from the disc, it may show an error in Windows which your disc can’t read. People often take CD-ROM and DVD discs for granted, they think these things are pretty indestructible and will last [...]