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DLL Files Repair Los Angeles

DLL Files Repair Los Angeles

Dynamic Link Library, abbreviated term DLL a type of file contains a library of functions and other information, windows program can access. Necessary DLL files repair Los Angeles will be created if a program has linked to DLL file which has launched recently. If anyone creates a static links, DLL files can be used as long as the program is active. Only dynamic links can be used when needed. Dynamic links help programs like memory, hard drive that use [...]

HP Laptop Problems

HP Laptop Problems and Actual Causes

Over the years laptops have gone slimmer and more lightweight. Besides they have also upgraded in power, size, memory and others, but the problems of laptops arise pretty often. Among a vast variety of brands in the market, HP laptops are quite popular. But many HP laptop users complain about the HP laptop problems they face very often. Before throwing your HP laptop in the store room, you need to know the problems of HP laptop and the actual causes. [...]

Connect Xbox Controller to PC

How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC

Is it not annoying when you want to play a game on your PC with your controller, but you do not know How to Connect Xbox Controller to PC? Trust us, we have all been there. Console gaming vs PC gaming has always been a matter of discussion among gamers from around the world. But despite you are a PC gamer or a console gamer, you are sure to have used a controller for gaming. You can find dedicated controllers [...]

remove a Trojan virus from windows 10

How to remove a Trojan virus from windows 10

Trojan known as Trojan horse is a form of virus that disguised as true software. Have you remembered the ancient Greek story ‘Fall of the city of Troy’? the word ‘Trojan’ has derived from the story about the insidious Trojan horse caused the fall of the city of Troy. Beside the differences the malware Trojan and the wooden Trojan, both are destructive. The malware Trojan often masked as a simple software. This virus designed to cause damaging, disrupting, stealing [...]

fix a crashed computer for Windows 10

How to fix a crashed computer for Windows 10!

How will you feel? If your windows 10 computer crashes, while you are watching your favorite movie or focusing on something important. This will make feel like throwing that device out of the window or make you think what you’ve done to cause such crash. At the same time it’s so frustrating. Before throwing your crashed computer into the bin, you should definitely try to fix it. Because of computer files and hardware faulty, your computer can crash. So let’s [...]

The Difference between Memory and Storage

What is the Difference between Memory and Storage is a common question among PC enthusiasts. Many people often misuse these two words and confuse their meaning. They tend to use these two words in place of another. Though they might sound similar, in reality, they are different from each other. The main difference between these two components is how they store data. Memory stores data temporarily whereas, storage stores data permanently. In this article, we will discuss the difference between [...]

Find out ‘How to Use iCloud for Windows?’

Do you know How to Use iCloud for Windows? If you own an iPhone and a Windows PC, you understand what it’s like to attempt to make the two platforms cooperate as flawlessly as could be expected. From attempting to discover options in contrast to iMessage, or introducing the iCloud for Windows application to get to your iCloud Drive documents, photographs, and email, it requires exertion on your part to make the advantageous relationship work. One point that has been [...]

how to connect a gaming PC to a monitor

The way how to connect a gaming PC to a monitor?

Connecting a PC to an extra monitor is very simple and requires only a couple of steps. Additionally, buying an additional monitor is truly reasonable today and can make your work simpler by running different monitors. However, before buying an additional monitor, it is good to understand what your PC can associate with. It is prudent to investigate the back and on the sides if there should be an occurrence of a PC and see the ports that you have. [...]

best linux distribution for beginners

The 10 Best Linux Distribution For Beginners’ Ease.

Shifting from Windows? Various distros will ease the transition. A Windows update seems problematic for your boot loader? Different types of distros can assist you to fix it in some seconds. Do you need RK to resurrect an old computer? Want to tie disks into a NAS? Need to run a firewall that will protect your full network?  Doesn’t matter what the requirement is, in the diverse open source community, there is a distro for you. Find about the best Linux distribution [...]

how to make your computer faster?

Find the Answer to ‘How To Make Your Computer Faster?’

If your PC is continually cursed by the spinning wheel of death, or you sense that you’re using a 90’s Netscape program to surf the web,b8t it doesn’t mean you need another PC. All you need to know is the answer to the question,  how to make your computer faster? How To Make Your Computer Faster? You can execute some basic fixes to make your PC run quicker, and the greater part of them just requires a couple of moments to [...]