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5 practical tips to speed up the Chrome browser

If you are looking for quick and easy solutions Computer Repair and to speed up Google Chrome, you are on the right page! Chrome is a great web browser, and along with a plugin like WordPress Rocket, loading webpages can be incredibly fast. However, there are a few things that can slow your browsing down, so here are some tips to make it snappy again. Chrome has been around for a while now and is by far the most popular [...]

If Windows 10 Start Menu doesn’t work, Here are the solutions

Many users who have upgraded to the new Microsoft Windows operating system are experiencing a problem that is certainly very annoying. For a long time now, a bug has afflicted the start menu of Windows 10 that does not open in any way and does not even respond to keyboard commands. If we add then that in most cases even the right click on one of the icons anchored to the taskbar does not work. Really this is very annoying. If [...]