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The Symptoms of a Faulty Graphics Card and Solutions

The rise of the internet and the introduction of a plethora of devices and computers have led to a huge rise in graphic card (GPU) demand. Graphics cards are discrete GPUs found in computers and other devices, which usually have mini-motherboards on them. With the increase in power of processes as well as graphic capabilities, GPUs have gained a reputation for being an integral part of a computer system. This article provides information on the possible symptoms of graphic [...]

What are the things to know before buying a new computer?

The world of technology is moving at a fast pace. Every year new technologies are being developed and new computers are being launched. You need to be aware of the latest technologies and computer specifications to make the right decision while buying a new computer. Apart from the usual hardware, companies are focusing on user-friendly interfaces and ease of access to information. The common misconception is that well designed computers make your life easier or more convenient. What is the [...]

Types of Computer Malware Explained and how to prevent them?

Malware is a type of computer virus that infects the target computer and causes damage to the system or data. It is used to steal personal information, or disrupt the normal operation of the system. Malware may also be used to steal money from bank accounts, and use the information for illegal purposes. Some malware is designed to perform such crimes. How do you know if your computer has been infected with malware? Most of the users are unaware of the [...]