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best linux distribution for beginners

The 10 Best Linux Distribution For Beginners’ Ease.

Shifting from Windows? Various distros will ease the transition. A Windows update seems problematic for your boot loader? Different types of distros can assist you to fix it in some seconds. Do you need RK to resurrect an old computer? Want to tie disks into a NAS? Need to run a firewall that will protect your full network?  Doesn’t matter what the requirement is, in the diverse open source community, there is a distro for you. Find about the best Linux distribution [...]

how to make your computer faster?

Find the Answer to ‘How To Make Your Computer Faster?’

If your PC is continually cursed by the spinning wheel of death, or you sense that you’re using a 90’s Netscape program to surf the web,b8t it doesn’t mean you need another PC. All you need to know is the answer to the question,  how to make your computer faster? How To Make Your Computer Faster? You can execute some basic fixes to make your PC run quicker, and the greater part of them just requires a couple of moments to [...]

How to Connect Ps4 Controller

How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Other Devices Step By Step

Thinking of buying a PS4 controller? Or have bought one already? That’s amazing! Having a problem with how to connect PS4 controller to the console? It is very easy to connect. How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Other Devices? This article will show you the way to connect PS4 to the console step by step. You will also know how to connect a second controller without using a USB cable. Connect your wireless controllers to PS4 Connecting the PS4 controller to PS4 with a [...]