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Amps Does a Laptop Computer Use

How Many Amps Does a Computer Use? A Guide to Efficient Energy Use

The way modern offices and households use computers, laptops, tablets, etc. indicates that the dependency on these gadgets isn’t going to decrease anytime soon. So, the concerns about electricity consumption are valid and quite a matter of consideration, especially when energy efficiency has become a popular term in our daily life. Less consumption means lower utility bills which ultimately lead to more saving. You can’t really begin an energy efficiency initiative without knowing the amount a computer requires for its [...]

how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Laptop Screen?

A laptop is one of the daily essentials to bring us convenience and digital productivity. But, its utility cannot be enjoyed at all when the screen is damaged. Even the slightest crack(s) or sign of broken pixels can be the cause of poor user experience. So, you want to fix it anyway. How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen? It’s an inevitable question, and this article is going to answer it for you in an understandable [...]

How Long Does a MacBook Pro Last

How Long Does a MacBook Pro Last?

There was a time when buying an Apple gadget was considered to be a long-term investment, and Apple, the manufacturer, gave consumers a lot to live with that very idea of longevity. That things change is the way of the world of technology, and we need to be very careful about telling that a high-end Apple product like the MacBook Pro is really going to last for a decade. So, how long does a MacBook Pro last? It should be [...]