Monthly Archives - March 2018

5 practical tips to speed up the Chrome browser

If you are looking for quick and easy solutions Computer Repair and to speed up Google Chrome, you are on the right page! Chrome is a great web browser, and along with a plugin like WordPress Rocket, loading webpages can be incredibly fast. However, there are a few things that can slow your browsing down, so here are some tips to make it snappy again. Chrome has been around for a while now and is by far the most popular [...]

5 things you should not do without experience

Our computers are constantly working; the system and programs are updated. Because of our actions, or because of errors in the programs, and maybe from the consequences of viruses, the system may start to bugger. Of course, almost any problem is solved with someone’s help or with their own forces. Many people want to do a computer repair with their own hands, but there are 5 things that you better not do if you do not have experience, or [...]

8 mistakes that will kill your SEO

8 mistakes that will kill your SEO: Many resources underestimate the impact of the user experience, design, and workload of the site on search promotion. The misconception that a cool site itself will bring you a huge number of users is quite common, and it is why videos are often made (like the kind you can watch here) to help people learn proper practice with web design. To attract as many visitors to your site, you should look like the [...]